Children's Books

Titles by Donna Linton:

Once Upon My Imagination
Once Upon a Twisted Tale
Once Upon My Imagination - colouring in & activity book
Once Upon My Imagination & Once Upon a Twisted Tale are children's books full of colourful and quirky pixies, monsters and animals, each with their own story to tell. Each beautifully drawn character has its own funny poem that will spark your imagination and take you on a wild adventure, giggling 'till you pee your pants.
Suitable for ages 3 to 8
Written & illustrated by Donna Linton
28 x 20cm, hard and soft cover, 36 full colour pages
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Author bio

Donna Linton is a very creative soul. Her love of drawing inspired her to give each of her characters a story, as a way of developing a personality and bringing each of them to life.
Since 1999, Donna has run a creative handmade business called Kiss My Patootie. She makes and sells ladies' and kids' clothing, hats and gifts. Her love of colour and pattern inspires her when creating illustrations and clothing. Donna's writing and illustrations are a combination of her love of humour, colour and art. She has incorporated her artwork into her line of gifts in the form of greeting cards and colouring in books.
As well as being a mother to 3 teenagers, running a handmade business and writing and illustrating children's books, Donna also works part time as a teacher's aide working with special needs children.
Donna completed her first book 'Once Upon My Imagination' in 2018, and then 'Once Upon a Twisted Tale' and 'Once Upon My Imagination - colouring in & activity book' in 2019. There will be many more to come.